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Sam has an undiagnosed medical condition affecting multiple body systems. Sam requires a G tube, J tube, appendicostomy, and a central line. He is also currently TPN/HPN dependent. Majority of the time, you will see Sam riding around in his wheelchair to better assist him. He loves being part of things, spending time with friends, being silly, playing jokes or being a prankster. Sam’s favorite activities include playing minecraft, terraria and scrap mechanic, dancing, riding mules, building with legos, and making friends. Science is the class he’s most looking forward to, and when he grows up, he is going to work at Costco during the day and be a YouTube star at night. His idea of the perfect combination of jobs.


Jacob was diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy, congestive heart failure and failure to thrive at 3 months old. Dilated cardiomyopathy causes the left ventricle of the heart to become enlarged and not pump efficiently. With the decreased heart function, it can affect the lungs, kidneys, liver and other body systems. Although he has made great progress and come so far since diagnosis, he still struggles to keep up with his peers, and struggles with fatigue. He is a very bright, reserved young man who is eager to toss/kick a ball around, shoot some hoops or swim whenever he can. Jacob an eager learned, whether it’s school or learning about how things work, and he loves to cook!


Colin is very social and enjoys making people laugh. He loves nothing more than to run and play ball all day. Colin is diagnosed with Trisomy 21 (down syndrome), ADHD, and Hypotonia. He is motivated to learn through computer and iPad activities, he is very observant and is delighted to have someone to look up to and teach him new things!


Shane has been officially diagnosed with autism since he was five. He started with a speech delay until testing and evaluations finally diagnosed him. The autism spectrum is broad and there are a lot of ways to describe him and his condition but to us he is a gift. What really distinguishes him from the rest is his unconditional ability and desire to love. He is kind, honest and sincere despite his challenges. He loves to learn and will memorize things he is interested in down to the smallest detail. He enjoys attending school as well as playing at the YMCA. He loves Star Wars, dinosaurs, reptiles, and is warming up to sports. He loves creating things out of paper. With a trusty pair of scissors and tape he can create anything from animals to 3D action figures. He wants to be a paleontologist when he grows up. We are thankful to #4TheAbility for giving him this opportunity to be recognized and celebrated.


Prescott suffers from Mitochondrial Myopathy, which is a form of muscular dystrophy that effects his entire body. He has a feeding tube which goes into both the stomach and the small intestine that helps to keep him healthy. Currently, he also has a central line, which is a an intravenous line that is more permanent. He gets his nutrition through this tube. He has seizures, high blood pressure, a weak immune system and is developmentally delayed. Prescott has had over 40 different hospitalizations and/or surgeries. He has a great team of doctors and he is now a familiar smiling face with many of the nurses in the hospital. Aside from his limitations, Prescott is a very happy little boy. He loves Mickey Mouse, trains, and car washes. He also loves the color orange and enjoys playing in the sandbox.


Gavin was not diagnosed until he was four with autism although he had lots of health issues when he was born. He struggled with things like severe reflux and gut issues, low muscle tone, delayed mile stones etc. His expressive verbal language was delayed but as he got older our hope was that it would come and that he would someday talk. By the age of seven the doctors were not hopeful that he would.
Gavin loves being outdoors, on his trampoline, swimming, Nascar, firetrucks, Monstor Jam, basketball, football, BSU anything. He loves his family and extended family and his two dogs Bella and Bailey. He loves music….country, rock, gospel, pop and has it on his iPad constantly.He loves riding the school bus home from school and finds such joy in the common simplicity of life.


Jace is on the Autism Spectrum, yet is extremely social and loves to play basketball! Jace also enjoys singing, dancing, his friends, playing on his iPad and collecting dinosaur figures (he has around 30 of them!). His favorite dinosaurs are Parasaurolophus and Pachyrhinosaurus. Jace has a baby sister, who he adores and works hard at being a great role model; he also loves to spend time with his family. He would like to play basketball as he gets older and is looking forward to participating in summer basketball leagues.


Moses enjoys music, dancing, friends, parties and cooking. Heloves to watch football and his favorite activity is swimming. One day, he hopes to be in the Special Olympics and also wants to be a chef when he grows up. Moses is originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo and came to the US when he was 6 months old. Moses doesn’t let Down Syndrome slow him down because he has big plans for life!


Matthew has been diagnosed with Down Syndrome. He has an older brother Zack, a younger sister, Abby and a younger brother Christian. He loves all things Hot Wheels and Nerf. Matthew is very social and loves being active, playing sports (especially football, basketball & swimming). And has ambitions to someday go to work like Dad and his big brother Zack.


Journey is a sweet and loveable girl. She happens to have Down Syndrome and it has not stopped her from living life to its fullest. She enjoys spending time out with family and friends and has a younger sister. Journey enjoys walking and running around whenever she gets the chance to “be free” at the park. She loves to play outside, jump on the trampoline or bounce houses.
When Journey was born, they discovered she had Down Syndrome and two holes in her heart. She was a slow eater because of those holes so she had a feeding tube surgically placed to go home. She had open heart surgery at 8 months old and we always joke that they turned on her switch when they fixed her heart. From that moment on she hasn’t stopped. She got her feeding tube out only 4 weeks after surgery at 9 months old. She also hasn’t stopped eating since then.


Victor was born pre-mature at 27 weeks and was diagnosed at birth with Chronic Lung Disease. At four months, Victor required a feeding tube for failure to thrive. At eight months, he had surgery to repair a hole in his heart. Continuing onto age two, Victor was also diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy which was determined to be from a stroke in utero that caused bleeding and lack of oxygen to his brain.
Victor will always be battling Chronic Lung Disease and Cerebral Palsy. Every day is a struggle to accomplish tasks that people without disabilities don’t think twice about.
Victor is all boy. He loves sports and his favorite team is the Miami Dolphins which he decided on his own (his parents are Steelers fans). He’s been learning and practicing to dribble a basketball. He loves Xbox and video games and is currently in Cub Scouts. His dislikes – that he can’t jump (doesn’t stop him from trying) and absolutely hates lettuce.


Hannah definitely has a contagious smile! Behind that smile, you will find a shy but amazing girl who plans to change the world! Hannah fights a mostly invisible disease called Evans Syndrome for which there is no cure. During times of relapse even the slightest injury or sickness can be devastating; at such a young age this is rough. Hannah really enjoys animals, cooking, sports, and trying all things new! Evans Syndrome has become a part of Hannah but it does not define her. Get to know Hannah and she will steal your heart!


Ezekiel loves batman and making new friends. He wants to be a professional football player when he grows up but may not be able to despite his health issues. Zeke has mitochondrial disease complex 1 and 2 and severe gastroparesis so the simplest thing like walking, makes him very tired. He has a feeding tube and a central line in his heart where he receives constant nutrition.


Joey is a young man with Downs Syndrome with dreams and aspirations like anyone else. He loves people and loves himself (as he is always taking photos of himself) and he loves his mother, Wanda. Over the years, Joey has appeared in numerous newspaper articles, has modeled for Nordstrom and has even appeared in a booklet published for elementary school kids, among other things.
Joey has been given the awesome opportunity, with the help of Darcy and others, to work with Blanchett’s football team as an assistant to the coaches.
Joey truly loves this position and loves Blanchett.


Jace was born with FAE, Fetal Alcohol Effects. Some of the neurological characteristics of Static Encepahlopathy in persons who were prenatally exposed to alcohol include: Easily distracted and disorganized, poor judgment, difficulty with abstract math and money management, difficulty remembering things (short term memory), difficulty retrieving information from memory, emotional immaturity and inability to control impulses.

Jace is an outgoing, too smart for his own good at times, child. He loves to laugh and have a good time. He loves his family and gets excited when he gets to see them. He loves to watch family vlogs on Youtube, especially Roman Atwood or Verne Troyer. He is a fan of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, has a fascination with “Dark Vader”, loves to swim and loves to help mom cook in the kitchen. He is a big helper no matter where he goes and and is loved by all who come into contact with him.


Mika is very loving girl and enjoys spending time with her sibilings and friends. 
Mika loves to dance and listen to music.  She is also an amazing swimmer and enjoys being in the water. She learned to swim at the age of three thru the Infant Swim Rescue program and continues to develop her swim skills through weekly lessons.
Mikas favorite pastime is watching her favorite movies and TV shows such as Minions, Despicable Me and Odd Squad from PBS and pretending to be like the characters. 
Mika is currently in second grade and enjoys going to school. She is supported by many caring individuals in almost every aspect of her life. Those who know Mika see first hand that she’s smart, determined, outspoken, caring, funny and knows how to bring a smile to anyone’s face with her amazing hugs! 

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