#4TheAbility has taken off in more ways than I ever imagined.

But you see, I want to make sure people realize #4TheAbility is so much more than a non-profit that helps kids with their dreams and sells clothing to support them. What I want to know is, have you ever thought of what it could do for you? In the media and in our society there is talk about how people are ‘striving for greatness,’ ‘on their grind,’ or ‘about to make it.’ Hearing this day in and day out, you must ask yourself, “what are you doing that’s different than the millions of people just discussing or tweeting about it?” I will tell you. You know you have the ability to accomplish everything you put your mind to. If everyone knew they had the ability to change the world would they?

#4TheAbility has a team that is dedicated to changing the world because they understand what that means. Our team doesn’t stop at wearing the clothing or tweeting the hashtag. Our team is here to support you and be a reminder. When our loyal supporters wear their #4TheAbility bands, it serves as a reminder every time they glance down. Seeing #4TheAbility on your wrist, reminds you that you are supporting something boundless, but also it reminds them that they are supporting themselves to be the best they can daily. “You have the same 24 hours as everyone else, how do you take advantage of your abilities?” Do something you’ve never done before, say something that everyone else hasn’t thought of, be someone everyone else is not.


#4TheAbility to change lives, #4TheAbility to be successful, #4TheAbility to make a difference, and #4TheAbility to be YOU. “Everybody can run towards success, but it’s the ones that are willing to lose a leg to get there that make it.” We just want people to wear the gear as a reminder and not a fashion show. We want the kids to see you care about yourself while caring for them. We want every person that sees that hat on your head to stare, because they know you accepted the DARE to be RARE.

Get your #4TA Gear now!

– Justin Jackson, Founder